Living With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Coming to terms with any illness can be, at the best of times, overwhelming. When it involves your diet, it can seem impossible at first thought. What do you give up? What are you going to be able to stick with and will you even enjoy the whole eating experience again?

What Can Cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NSFLD)?

I was faced with this decision in April 2015. After months of not feeling well, I had earlier gone for a check-up, which included blood work and an ultrasound of my abdomen. Expecting to find either ulcers or gastric reflux, imagine my surprise when I was told that I have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, or NAFLD for short.

Blissfully ignorant, I always thought that this sort of illness was reserved for those with a taste for alcoholic beverages. What an incredible awakening to find out that it can be caused by what I eat! Those seemingly innocent muffins, cakes, pies, cookies, and store-bought goodies that were the focus of my not-so-healthy diet were, in fact, slowly killing me. My liver had had enough and was in the throes of rebelling against the constant onslaught of sugars and fats. What tasted good was not good for me, and it was time for a drastic change, it was a time to choose health.

Signs and Symptoms of NAFLD

For me, the symptoms were subtle and slow in developing. Over time, however, it became more and more obvious that something was not quite right. I would feel nauseous when I ate anything. I would feel stuffed after eating just a small amount, and I would experience pain in my abdomen. Often, a dull, lingering ache would develop towards my right side. I experienced headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, and a general feeling of malaise. Also, it was nearly impossible to lose any weight at all, and any that I did lose would come right back.

Making Changes With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

The first thing I did was to become educated about liver disease, the liver itself, and about how food effects my health. This was not to be a temporary thing. It needed to become a lifelong change, and I was very well aware that it would not always be an easy change to keep up with.

The first things to go were, of course, the “junk” foods: Baked goods in general, soda pop, most salad dressings, many store-bought and prepackaged foods, frozen dinners, gravies, sauces, full fat items of all kinds. It does seem like quite a lot, but in reality, it leaves all fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and several methods of cooking these that eliminates the fats and sugars.

I stopped eating white bread and white flour products, as well as white sugar products. I use soy or almond milk instead of cow’s milk, and eat very little cheese or dairy products. I do not use hydrogenated fats. These are the fats that are solid at room temperature. Instead, I use extra-virgin olive oil or canola oil.

I also made the switch to less refined sugar, known as “raw” sugar. The chemicals used to whiten sugar and flour wreak havoc on a sick liver. Artificial sweeteners, coloring, flavors, all these had to go as well. Reading the nutritional panel has always been a habit of mine, but now I had to read the ingredients list also. Some seemingly innocent breads and cereals contain quite a bit of artificial ingredients, even those advertised as healthy additions to your diet.

I have learned that the best choices are most often the simplest ones, consisting of home cooked meals. This way, you are aware of what goes into the meal. Instead of fats, spices and herbs can be a wonderful source of flavor for food. It is important to buy these from a trusted source, and to watch out for the salt/sodium content.

Herbs, Spices, and Sea Salts Good for Liver

Personally, I have made the switch from iodized table salt to sea salt, experimenting with different varieties such as Himalayan pink. I have found that using these salts cuts down on the amount I need to use to get a good flavor. It is a sharper, cleaner, taste and I simply need to use less. Coincidentally, I have found the same to be true of sugar. Perhaps the whitening chemicals interfere with the more natural flavor of less refined products, but that is my own opinion.

My Journey Continues With NAFLD

One thing that I do know, is that my liver enzyme levels have dropped dramatically in the several months since I first began this journey. Two have gone from “high” to “normal,” and the third has dropped remarkably. The first leg of this journey has been won. The rest of it will be up to me, to stay on this path.

Interesting Facts about Bolivia – What you did not know about South American Country

Bolivia plays a vital role in the South American Country. As a matter of fact, more and more people are becoming interested in visiting it. If you are one of these individuals, there are interesting facts about Bolivia that you may use into a good use.

To date, there are around 10 million people residing in the said place. These are all in the midst of South America. The borders of it are simple to understand though. In the northwest, Peru may be found. As for the southwest, Chile is situated. In the south, Argentina is present. The southeast is made up of Paraguay while the north and east are landlocked with that of Brazil.

boli-MMAP-md.png (1032×727)

The term Bolivia is coined because of a Spanish American war leader. His name is Simon Bolivar. It was officially given to the place in the year 1825.

There are like 30 official languages in Bolivia. This is not surprising considering the fact that it is made up of 36 native cultures. However, in order not to get lost – the main language being spoken in the place has always been Aymara, Quechua and as well as Spanish. These three are the common ones. As for their religion, almost 78% of it is Roman Catholic. With the demographics though, the parents are the most religious. The youth is a bit lenient when it comes to their faith. They are not really that secular.

There are so many Instagram worthy moments in the place for they own the most beautiful sanctuary for butterflies. But then, The Road of Death is also present in there. This is considered the most dangerous road there is. This is not shocking learning that only 30% of the roads found in Bolivia had been paved. These are only seen in the city.

Bolivia is also known for the Andes Mountains. This enables people in the place to survive even if they are like 10,000 feet above the air. Yes, this is as high as planes. Just imagine their living rooms having clouds going through. That is the altitude of the place.

Guinea pig is not just seen as a childhood pet in Bolivia. It is also served for dinner. This local delicacy is indeed unique. This suits well in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

The place is known to be the origin of various kinds of food. This features types of chili peppers, peanut, yucca and bean. Potatoes are in 4,000 species.

On the whole planet, Bolivia is the top country which is given certification for its tropical forests. It is in the top 5 of exporters of tropical wood all over the whole world. Aside from this natural beauty, it also goes with a large number of organic agriculture on earth. Not a lot of people thought about this with Bolivia.

Needless to say, Bolivia is a relevant place in the whole planet. It is not only because it is an exporter of valuable goods such as Metal Ore, Petroleum Gas and Zinc, but also because of its contribution to the world.

Fun and Interesting Facts about Polar Bears

There is a wide range of information about polar bears. They are interesting because they have variations when it comes to what they eat, their weight, and their speed, among others. They are easily identified because of their black skin. Upon first look, it may look white. However, they are really transparent in nature. They are one of the largest carnivores that ever exist. They primarily eat meat and they also live on land. Whenever they are in the midst of hunting seals, they want to utilize sea ice as their very platform. The diet of the said mammal is made up of seals. They can weigh to a maximum of 680 kg, or 1500 lb. Usually, these are in the Artic.

There is a difference because female polar bears can only be half as that of males. This is how their weight can be. Polar bears would always be on the sea. There are scientists out there who said that there are like 20000 polar bears all over. These come with 42 teeth. There are some interesting facts about polar bears. Polar_Bear_-_Alaska_(cropped).jpg (563×565)

Polar bears come with a scientific name of ursus maritimus. They have the ability to be kept warm because of the blubber which is found under their skin. This is around 10 cm. Polar bears can smell keenly. They have a strong sense of it. They may even detect seals even if they are far away. This may be from around 1.6 km. Polar bears have the ability to reach a maximum of 40 kph. This may be for 25 mph. whenever they are found in land, they may be in a speed of 10 kph or 6 mph whenever it is in water. There was a time when the polar bear was utilized as a mascot. This was intended for 1998 Winter Olympics in Calgary in Canada.

Usually, bears are really tiny. They are most especially when they are just born. They can weigh for only a pound. If this is converted, this reaches 0.5 kg. Males on the other hand can reach a particular adult size as they grow for around 8 to 14 years. Females on the other hands can be on their full built as they reach 5 to 6 years old. This is a way to see their real image.

Contrary to common belief, they may also go for how many days even if they do not eat anything. They can survive even 10 days. Their metabolism of them may slow down though. This is how it is going to be until they stumble upon the next meal. They can also survive with the presence of fat reserves as they go on a diet. These bears are unlikely to hibernate. However, as for bears found in dens, they can just raise their cubs there without having a hard time at all. Mama bears are always situated there. As this occurs, they are surely not going to eat, defecate, or even drink.

Uncommon Types of Autism: Understanding Rett’s Disorder and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Autism falls under the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) category in the DSM. There are five different PDDs: autistic disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, PDD-NOS, Rett’s Disorder and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Both Rett’s Disorder and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder are quite rare. Learn more about these two uncommon types of autism.

Rett’s Disorder

Rett’s Disorder, sometimes referred to as Rett Syndrome, almost exclusively affects females. The syndrome was named after Austrian physician Dr. Andreas Rett who first described the group of symptoms in 1966. Rett’s Disorder is characterized by a period of typical development until the child is between six and 18 months of age. At this point affected individuals then experience significant regression in development. It is not uncommon for children with Rett’s Disorder to lose their speech, the ability to walk, and the loss of most basic motor functioning.

20151201WhatIsAutism-844-2.jpg (844×495)

In addition to the physical effects of Rett’s Disorder, individuals with this syndrome also usually experience seizures, excessive teeth grinding, unusual patterns of sleep, and periods of irritability. There is no known cure for Rett’s Disorder and while some affected individuals die in childhood, many live on well into adulthood. Rett’s Disorder affects approximately 3.8 in every 10,000 females.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Similar to Rett’s Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD) also starts off with a period of typical development. Unlike Rett’s Disorder, CDD affects many more males than females. A child with CDD usually experiences between two and four years of typical development before entering a regressive stage. Children affected by CDD can lose all of their language, toileting abilities, self-care skills, and interest in their environment. At this point the disorder can easily mimic classic autism.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder is also called Heller’s Syndrome; Viennese educator Theodore Heller first detailed the disorder in 1908. At this point there is no known cause, nor cure, for Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Many children with CDD see benefits through traditional therapies used for other autism spectrum disorders.

Rett’s Disorder and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder are quite uncommon. Due to their rarity, there is not much in the way of research being conducted when compared to the other autism spectrum disorders. Studies into Rett’s Disorder have been able to confirm that there is a mutation in the gene MECP2 located on the X chromosome. No such genetic link has been found in individuals with CDD. Research will continue in the hopes of bettering the lives of families affected by these two uncommon types of autism.

25 Breathtaking Shots For Thailand Travel

Thailand is said to be the Land of Friendship and Land of Smiles. To know the culture of the people, you must capture the beauty of its landscapes, seascapes and its flora and fauna through these breathtaking shots for your Thailand travel.

Here are some of the 25 breathtaking Shots for Thailand Travel:

1. Grand Palace

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is among the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand.  This has been the residence of the King of Siam(later called Thailand). However, the present King Bhumibol Adulyadej resides in Chitralada Palace.

2. War Arun

War Arun

The War Arun or “Temple Dawn” is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is aBuddhist Temple, and one of the famous landmarks in Thailand.  War Arun is accessible via Phraya River where you can board ferry across the river going to Maharaj pier.

3. Thailand’s Elephant, Chiang Mai

Thailand’s Elephant, Chiang Mai

Thailand is known for its working elephants. This is among the tourist attraction in Thailand.

4. Ayutthaya


This Ancient City of Ayutthaya is the sacred symbol of Thai nationalism and Buddhist religion.

5.  Wat Pho

Wat Pho

This is known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The name was derived from an Indian monastery where Buddha is believed to have once lived.

6. Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha is the world’s largest solid golden statue. It islocated in Wat Traimit Temple, Bangkok, Thailand.

7. Jim Thompsom Museum

Jim Thompsom Museum

Jim Thompson House is located in Bangkok, Thailand.  The museum consists of various collections of old Thai structuresgathered by Jim Thompson, an American businessman, sometimes in the 1950’s and 960’s.

8. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

It is a Buddhist Temple of Thereveda Buddhism in Chaing Mai, Thailand. This is a popular destination among tourist.

9. Vimanmek Mansion

Vimanmek Mansion

This is once a majestic royal palace in Bangkok, Thailand.  A large building made up of teak wood and was built in 1900-1901.It used to be the residence of King Chulalongkom (Rama V) from the year 1901-1905.

10. Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth is located in Pattaya, Thailand. It is made of wooden materials with Buddhist and Hindu sculpture designs.

11. Karon Beach

Karon Beach

Karon Beach is located in the Western Costal Portion of Phuket, Thailand. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand.

12. Patong Beach

Patong Beach

This is the most famous beach resort in Phuket, Thailand. This is an ideal place foryou to frolic under the sun, wind, sand and water.

13. Railay Beach

Railay Beach

It is nestled between the City of Krabi and the town of Ao Nang, Thailand and composed of a small beautiful peninsula accessible only by boat.

14. Koh Tao Beach

Koh Tao Beach

This beach is ideal for scuba diving. It is located near the West Shore portion of the Gulf of Thailand. It is a tiny island.

15. Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Beach

It is located in the northern portion of Malay Peninsula, Thailand. The place isa famous beach resort among tourist and Bangkok residents.

16. Kata Beach

Kata Beach

The clear blue and green water is surrounded by hills. Kata Beach is  located in Western Phuket, Thailand.

17. Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is located in Koh Samui, Thailand. The deep blue sea is inviting and has a calming effect.

18. Sairee Beach

Sairee Beach

Watching the sunset at Sairee Beach and the day is done. It is located in Koh Tao, Thailand.

19. White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach

If you love the white sand beach, this is the place for you.It is located onKoh Chang, Thailand.

20. Haad Rin

Haad RinThis is sea, beaches and clouds across the skies. Haad Rin Beach is located in the southern tip of Ko Pa Ngan, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand.

21. Rayong Beach

Rayong Beach

It is located in the Eastern Cost of Bangkok, Thailand. You need to see the expansive coastline.

22. Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son is located in the Northern Province of Thailand and belongs to the westernmost part of Thailand.

23. Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang

This is a Buddhist Temple in the historical Chiang Mai, Thailand.

24. Doi Chang View Point

Doi Chang View Point

Doi Chang View Point, Thailand is nature at its best. Don’t miss seeing this place.

25. Floating Market

Floating Market

This is the famous Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand.Care to buy?

So whether you’re going to see Thailand for the first time or not, have a look on the 25 breathtaking shots for Thailand travel. Its more than meet the eyes.

Top 10 Tips On How To Choose The Best Backpack For Travel

The importance of having the best backpack for travel cannot be undermined. Any traveler will know for sure that all things necessary must be in your backpack for your own comfort and convenience.

Whether you are planning to climb Mt Everest or you’re going to another fix places and destinations, you need to bring only the best backpack that suits your particular needs during your travel.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best backpack for your trip:

best backpack for travel

1. Size of Backpack

The size of your backpack will depend upon the purpose of your travel, its duration and your destination.

Remember that everyone’s needs and body size differ, and it is a good idea to first fit or test out the backpack to determine whether you’re comfortable with it or not. Consider if the straps are placed well on your shoulder and does not unnecessarily rub the back of your arms. Is the hip belt in alignment with your hips? Are you comfortable if the bag is bigger than you? In other words does it fit?

2. Maximum Weight Capacity

One must know the weight limit of the things that you will bring along with you on your trip. This is for your own convenience and mobility. Of course, no one wants to travel carrying a heavy load on his or her back.

Travel light and easy is the byword of every backpacker. Normally your travel bag should not weigh more than 15kg. The ideal weight is approximately between 7kg (for light packers) and 13kg (for average packer).

3. Gender

Men’s packs are way different from women’s. You must also remember that aside from this, there’s also the Junior size (for children or for young adults) or Unisex (backpack that can work for either male or female) backpack.

4. Panel Access

What should you choose — a top loader or side panel backpack? This will depend upon your preference and needs and the functionality and design of the panel access. Whatever you choose between these two the bottom line is creatures comfort and convenience.

5. Brand

Does the brand of backpack really matter or is it merely for the status symbol. Well everybody has a sort of loyalty to his or her favorite brand. The same is true with the backpack. What is clear and certain is that different brands of backpack have its own special features to offer.

6. Features

Some of the features you need to look into that goes with the backpack are: if it is made of materials which are water resistant, shoulder harness, compression straps, hip belt, and sleeping bag compartment among other things must be considered.

7. Price

Backpacks are not cheap. Remember that your backpack will be your travelling companion during the duration of your trip and it will serve as the safe place where you store all of your belongings and needless to say you need a backpack that will last during your trip. Your backpack for travel is different from the kind of backpack you use in school.

8.  Quality

The wise consumer focuses on the specific quality of a given backpack in relation and in comparison with other backpack brand available in the market. Quality item in other words.

9. Durability

Durability is the ability or capacity of your backpack to endure over a certain period of time or longer usable life of your backpacks from the time you purchase and start using it.

10. Safety

As traveler you don’t want to be a victim of theft or someone opening your backpack. So you need to consider the kind of lock zippers in the backpack you’re planning to buy and its other safety features.

best backpack for travel

Travelling light and travelling nice and easy for your own comfort and convenience is just an easy thing to do and this is doable by simply considering the 10 tips shared on how to choose the best backpack for travel. Bon Voyage.

10 Important Travel To Costa Rica Safety Tips

When you travel to Costa Rica, safety should be your number 1 concern.

Question: Just how safe is Costa Rica anyway?

Answer: Safe enough.

It’s one of a few places in South America where you won’t experience a lot of safety issues. Costa Rica is quite a secure place that their government decided not to have any military (they do have the police to enforce the law though). But it doesn’t mean that you can just run roughshod all over the place. You still have to take some precautions. Below is a list of things you need to do (or consider) to have a safe and enjoyable holiday the next time you visit Costa Rica:

Travel to Costa Rica

  1. Find the Costa Rica tourism office. They can assist you with your safety concerns. They are also a good resource for any information you might need about the country. Their employees are friendly and very knowledgeable.
  2. Don’t bring your credit cards and debit cards, but don’t load up on cash either. Bring an ATM card, so you can just withdraw money from their ATMs as needed. Costa Rica has been experiencing problems with identity thieves. These thieves are known to steal credit card information and sell these in the black market. Just so you know, most victims of these crimes are tourists.
  3. Only do your driving in the daytime if you’re renting a car to go around the country. The reason here is that most roads have poor lighting. And you’ll be hard pressed to find road signs on the streets. If you drive at night, there’s a good chance you might get lost and find yourself in the middle of nowhere in a foreign land (yikes!). Also, there’s no one to help you at night if ever your car breaks down. It’s better to do all the driving while the sun is up just to be on the safe side.
  4. Take a bus, or any public transportation, if you must travel at night. Buses are still the best and safest method to travel in Costa Rica. There are several bus companies and trips are frequent. The great thing about buses in Costa Rica is that they always leave and arrive on time.
  5. Leave your passport in your hotel room (preferably inside the safety deposit box). Make photocopies of your passport to bring with you when you go out. Passports are not generally being asked in Costa Rica anyway.
  6. Carry your wallet close to you and always be aware of it at all times. Though there are not a lot of thefts that happen in Costa Rica, it would be wrong to think that stealing doesn’t happen. If you can, don’t bring too much cash with you.
  7. Don’t carry too much luggage. Your mobility will be hampered if you’re lugging along a lot of bags. It can be tiring as well.
  8. When exchanging money with a bank, always check how much the exchange rate is for the day. You can ask the teller to show you the exchange rate from her computer screen. Costa Rica’s exchange rate constantly fluctuates so you might be at a disadvantage if just trust the teller’s word.
  9. Never leave your things unattended. Again, petty theft is a common crime in Costa Rica. So don’t bring your expensive gadgets if you don’t need them. An iPad is understandable; but your laptop definitely needs to stay home.
  10. Always bring an umbrella. Weather can get unpredictable at times. Sometimes, the worst thing to happen to tourists in Costa Rica is that they get rained on. You don’t want to catch pneumonia on your trip.

travel to costa rica safety

Those are the ten tips for travelers wishing to visit the wonderful country of Costa Rica. Any traveler or tourist should be aware of the things to do to ensure their safety when traveling. Vacations are much more fun if there no thoughts lingering at the back of your mind regarding safety and security. Costa Rica is a great travel destination and is definitely worth a visit.With this travel to Costa Rica safety tips we shared, we hope enjoy your stay in Costa Rica.

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