Interesting Facts about Bolivia – What you did not know about South American Country

Bolivia plays a vital role in the South American Country. As a matter of fact, more and more people are becoming interested in visiting it. If you are one of these individuals, there are interesting facts about Bolivia that you may use into a good use.

To date, there are around 10 million people residing in the said place. These are all in the midst of South America. The borders of it are simple to understand though. In the northwest, Peru may be found. As for the southwest, Chile is situated. In the south, Argentina is present. The southeast is made up of Paraguay while the north and east are landlocked with that of Brazil.

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The term Bolivia is coined because of a Spanish American war leader. His name is Simon Bolivar. It was officially given to the place in the year 1825.

There are like 30 official languages in Bolivia. This is not surprising considering the fact that it is made up of 36 native cultures. However, in order not to get lost – the main language being spoken in the place has always been Aymara, Quechua and as well as Spanish. These three are the common ones. As for their religion, almost 78% of it is Roman Catholic. With the demographics though, the parents are the most religious. The youth is a bit lenient when it comes to their faith. They are not really that secular.

There are so many Instagram worthy moments in the place for they own the most beautiful sanctuary for butterflies. But then, The Road of Death is also present in there. This is considered the most dangerous road there is. This is not shocking learning that only 30% of the roads found in Bolivia had been paved. These are only seen in the city.

Bolivia is also known for the Andes Mountains. This enables people in the place to survive even if they are like 10,000 feet above the air. Yes, this is as high as planes. Just imagine their living rooms having clouds going through. That is the altitude of the place.

Guinea pig is not just seen as a childhood pet in Bolivia. It is also served for dinner. This local delicacy is indeed unique. This suits well in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

The place is known to be the origin of various kinds of food. This features types of chili peppers, peanut, yucca and bean. Potatoes are in 4,000 species.

On the whole planet, Bolivia is the top country which is given certification for its tropical forests. It is in the top 5 of exporters of tropical wood all over the whole world. Aside from this natural beauty, it also goes with a large number of organic agriculture on earth. Not a lot of people thought about this with Bolivia.

Needless to say, Bolivia is a relevant place in the whole planet. It is not only because it is an exporter of valuable goods such as Metal Ore, Petroleum Gas and Zinc, but also because of its contribution to the world.