Where People of Putnam County Unites

United Way of Putnam County

“This is what our love is – a sacred pattern of unbroken unity sewn flawlessly invisible inside all other images, thoughts, smells, sounds.” This quote by Aberjhani of The River of Winged Dreams, is one that could describe how the United Way of Putnam County help each other shoulder to shoulder. Their effectiveness in helping their neighbors, and the rest of their citizens has built up their community with the big help of program assistance, resource development and administrative leadership. Do you feel this unity sewn into your own life?

This blog will fill you with information on how love within the Putnam County has advanced the common good for each of their citizen. Within this blog, we will bring you updates to keep you aware of the activities done in Putnam County as well as the upcoming events where the community participates. We will let you feel the love that abounds in this united community, because we know how much you long for it, wherever you may be.

Join us as we lend our hands to our neighbors, and discover more about how this can affect yourself, as well as those around you. Let’s keep the love moving here in United Way of Putnam County!