Fun and Interesting Facts about Polar Bears

There is a wide range of information about polar bears. They are interesting because they have variations when it comes to what they eat, their weight, and their speed, among others. They are easily identified because of their black skin. Upon first look, it may look white. However, they are really transparent in nature. They are one of the largest carnivores that ever exist. They primarily eat meat and they also live on land. Whenever they are in the midst of hunting seals, they want to utilize sea ice as their very platform. The diet of the said mammal is made up of seals. They can weigh to a maximum of 680 kg, or 1500 lb. Usually, these are in the Artic.

There is a difference because female polar bears can only be half as that of males. This is how their weight can be. Polar bears would always be on the sea. There are scientists out there who said that there are like 20000 polar bears all over. These come with 42 teeth. There are some interesting facts about polar bears. Polar_Bear_-_Alaska_(cropped).jpg (563×565)

Polar bears come with a scientific name of ursus maritimus. They have the ability to be kept warm because of the blubber which is found under their skin. This is around 10 cm. Polar bears can smell keenly. They have a strong sense of it. They may even detect seals even if they are far away. This may be from around 1.6 km. Polar bears have the ability to reach a maximum of 40 kph. This may be for 25 mph. whenever they are found in land, they may be in a speed of 10 kph or 6 mph whenever it is in water. There was a time when the polar bear was utilized as a mascot. This was intended for 1998 Winter Olympics in Calgary in Canada.

Usually, bears are really tiny. They are most especially when they are just born. They can weigh for only a pound. If this is converted, this reaches 0.5 kg. Males on the other hand can reach a particular adult size as they grow for around 8 to 14 years. Females on the other hands can be on their full built as they reach 5 to 6 years old. This is a way to see their real image.

Contrary to common belief, they may also go for how many days even if they do not eat anything. They can survive even 10 days. Their metabolism of them may slow down though. This is how it is going to be until they stumble upon the next meal. They can also survive with the presence of fat reserves as they go on a diet. These bears are unlikely to hibernate. However, as for bears found in dens, they can just raise their cubs there without having a hard time at all. Mama bears are always situated there. As this occurs, they are surely not going to eat, defecate, or even drink.